Blonde Wino Update

Written by Justin on November 21, 2010

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the 5 gallons of chardonnay that I got from a friend of mine.  Well last night I finally racked the beer into a keg to carbonate.  I also thieved out a little bit to measure the final gravity of the beer and to taste what it was like.  I had previously racked the beer and tasted the on November 2nd and at the time it had a gravity of 1.013, a slight bit of residual sweetness and a great toasty nutty finish.  At the time we decided to let it go and see if the yeast would ferment out anymore of those sugars.  It did.

When I pulled it out last night the juice had dropped to 1.005.  The flavor now has a noticeable chardonnay taste upfront that mellows into that same toasty nutty finish.  Though I liked a bit of that residual sweetness I got when I racked it, I really like the complexity the wine has added to the beer.

So now the beer is in the keg carbonating and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like with some bubbles and chilled.

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