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Written by Justin on November 23, 2010

Well I was finally able to catch the first episode of Brew Masters the other night (what’s up Discovery saying it was going to be on at 10pst but not showing it until 11?).   In any respect I’m really excited about this show.  Dogfish Head is an awesome brewery captained by Sam Calagione, the new host of Brew Masters.  This first episode was very Dogfish Head centric which I think gave you a great background on where Sam is coming from as a brewer, but it sounds like the show is going to end up heading around the world and visiting other breweries as well.

I’ll admit straight out I love Dogfish Head.  Are every one of their brews amazing? Nope, but they have the creativity and the imagination to try things no one else will and they build their brand around that.  When Eryn and I went to GABF this year we were lucky enough to go to a DFH brew dinner.  We had an awesome six course dinner paired with some really unique beers.  Then at GABF we saw Sam running around almost hounded by his fans wanting to take a picture, shake his hand, or talk a bit of shop.  So I personally think that Sam’s passion for craft beer combined with his almost rockstar status will make him an awesome host for the show.

This first episode “Bitches Brew” was all about the partnership beer that Dogfish Head developed with Sony Records for the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ album of the same name.  The episode followed Sam as the process moved form concept to creation as the Dogfish crew created the beer in only 9 weeks.  As a home-brewer this timeline was  crazy to me, but they pulled it off in style.  It was pretty fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at their brewery, their recipe creation process, and just their personalities.  I can’t wait to see what kinds of adventures and ingredients Sam finds as he travels around crafting his beers.

Is Brew Masters one hell of a plug for Dogfish Head? Absolutely, but good on them and especially Sam for being so forward thinking, fun, and creating such an awesome brand that a producer chose them for the title role in the show.  I’m looking forward to many more episodes of Brew Masters and hope that enough other people are that we can keep the show on the air for a while to come.

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