103 gallons later…

Written by Justin on January 15, 2011

So how do you know when a casual hobby becomes an obsession?  Last year Eryn and I brewed 103 gallons of fermentable beverage.  I can’t say beer because, as some of you know, we made a kickin cider as well.  All in all we made 29 batches.  We jumped from Eryn’s Mr Beer Kit and my 1 gallon Brooklyn Brew Shop kits to a 5 gallon all grain system.  We moved from kits to recipe creation.  We moved out of the kitchen and brewing took over our garage.  We bought a fridge for our beer and ran out of space, so we bought a chest freezer and started kegging. We started this website, and started having regular parties so friends would come over and drink our beer.  We now have at least 15 gallons fermenting at almost any give time.  Most importantly, I think we moved from hobby to obsession.

So here’s to another year of brewing.  We look forward to doubling that the 100 gallons we made last year and if you are around we look forward to sharing a pint with you.

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