A Coffee Porter Craze

Written by Eryn on January 3, 2011

The only thing better than beer is beer and coffee combined!  This year on my birthday I decided that I should do what I wanted to, after all its MY birthday, right?  So what did I want to do?  That’s right….. make beer!  Justin and I invited over his parents, Chelsea and Kory and we had a great time brewing up a coffee porter.  We have been brewing for a year now and we realized that Justin’s family had never had a chance to be a part of this great process (my family got the experience at Thanksgiving), so we decided we needed to share the experience.  We had a wonderful time brewing, eating dinner and celebrating my birthday.  About the beer though since I know that is why you all read this blog, hehe!

After discovering the coffee porter recipe and picking up the grain, I really started to crave a coffee porter.  Then I remembered that Kona Brewing Company make a killer coffee porter!  It is the Pipeline Porter that is only available in the winter.  This is one of my favorite dark beers, (Velvet Merlin is another, see earlier post) because it is so well balanced. You can taste the coffee but it compliments the toasty malts.  The hops are mild as they should be in a porter and the ABV comes in at 5.3, warming but not wack you over the head. An all around solid brew that is enjoyable with food or as a dessert by itself!

The beer we are making is a porter that we modified from a recipe we found online.  It was a solid porter at brewing so it should be even better with the coffee.  We chose local Flying Goat Coffee-medium bodied, low acid, to round of the recipe.  The coffee was cold brewed for 72 hours to make a super strong non-bitter coffee.  Cold brewing prevents leaching the acid from the grounds making the final brew smooth.  Currently the beer is in the beer box, but should be ready by Valentines.  All we need is some chocolate and strawberries and we are set!

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