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Written by Justin on January 29, 2011
Numbering the new keg

Last night Eryn and I spent some time out in the brewery getting things set for tonight’s tap party and just doing some of the normal operational things that just needed to be done. December and January were fairly busy brew months for us, there was no good reason why other then we just love to brew. At one point we maxed out all of our carboys and literally couldn’t make any more beer even if we wanted to.

To relieve that crunch we purchased three more kegs to go with the five we already had. As of this morning all but one are full with the final keg due to be filled in a couple hours. Eryn doesn’t know it yet but I think we need to order a couple more. The biggest reason is that we decided to start naturally carbonating our kegs. This is going to allow us to have more beer ready to drink more often. By giving the yeast in suspension a little extra sugar they will produce CO2 inside the sealed keg where it will ultimately be absorbed by the beer creating that carbonation we all love. We also felt there was a certain bite that force carbing gave the beer that neither of us liked and that we decided we want to avoid. So now we almost have enough kegs to hold our capacity and deal with our brewing obsession.

Our most recent equipment order also had a great little gadget that uses small CO2 cartridges to fill the head space on a keg and push the beer out. We are excited about this because this summer we’ll be able to grab a keg, this gadget and a cobra tap and head to a party. So now it’s all about coming up with some great summer recipes and getting them going sooner than later.

Our three new kegs

The maintenance evening also consisted of changing out hoses, adding gas lines and a few of those other things that you never really think about that goes into making beer. This morning Eryn and I were talking about our little garage operation and how really in a year we’ve created a pretty awesome space for brewing and entertaining. Moving forward I would love to get some conical fermenters but I’ve been told that those have to wait until we have a more permanent location to brew. So instead right now I really want to figure out a three tier system and up the quantity we are brewing per session. Of course that also means we will need to double the amount of kegs we now have.

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