Maple Porter

Written by Eryn on January 3, 2011

The Maple Porter is one of our Christmas beers.  It is inspired by something that I alway hated growing up, maple Santa.  Sorry mom, those pure maple sugar Santa that you put in our stockings, they were gross.  But now I have turned that Christmas memory into something far better, a beer brewed with maple syrup!  It is very drinkable, although it does pack a punch at 8.1 ABV, so be careful.  Its kinda like Christmas, just sneaks up on you.  This is mostly due to the quart of maple syrup that is in the 5 gallons.  Good thing I went light on adding it!  The original recipe called for 1/2 gallon. It has very low hops and is black as black with nice toasty notes from the roasted barley.  Overall, I find the beer to be well balanced when served cool, not chilled.  Perfect for drinking while sitting around a fire roasting chestnuts.  Merry Christmas!

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