Trappist Cider

Written by Justin on February 25, 2011

As I’ve written about before I’ve got a soft spot for ciders. Maybe it was the apple tress that grew in my back yard as a kid or just the approachability of ciders, but regardless of what it is I love them. Last year we made a couple lager ciders and this year we decided to expand and try a few new things (check out the post Crafting Ciders). This is one of this years new ciders.

I was really hoping to capture that Trappist flavor from the yeast and combine it with the easy approachability that cider offers. To be honest, we missed the mark a bit. We tasted the cider a few weeks before we were able to keg it and it was bang-on where we wanted the flavors to be but we didn’t have a keg to get it into.  By the time we had a new keg open the Trappist flavor had receded in intensity leaving it a little less then what I hoped for.

Doesn’t mean it’s not good though. I still think its quite good. In the glass it looks like a cloudy carbonated apple juice. I made no attempt to filter the cider. On the nose you get a bit of the earthiness from the Trappist yeast. The flavor comes through nicely but the mouthfeel is a little flabby. There is the nice apple up front with a just bit of spicy bite as crosses the middle back of the tongue but it also falls off the tongue  quickly. It’s an easy to drink cider and I look forward to making it again but next time hopefully capturing a bit more of that Trappist flavor.

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