March Tap Party

Written by Justin on March 6, 2011

Last night we had our March Tap Party, and like usual it was a blast. Our Tap Parties are something we are trying to do once a month but it seems to keep falling out to every other month. They are however always a great time and last night was no exception.

We had the Winters End White Belgian, the Fat Friar Amber Ale, the Wake Up Time Coffee Porter and finally the Abandoned Ale American Pale all on tap. We also served our homemade soft pretzels to go with the beers. We had some new people come up and try our beers for the first time as well as our regulars who are starting to have certain expectations of what they are going to find. Though the crowd was a little smaller than usual because of the weather and this illness that’s going around, it didn’t mean that they drank any less beer.

After the first couple beers the comments and compliments always begin to flow. Now we don’t make beer to hear flowery prose from our friends but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt our egos either. We had a lot of the usual reviews and acknowledgements like “I love this beer” and “this is just great” to even a “you’re doing god’s work”. Though I love to hear compliments like that, the best ones are actually about flavors people can identify or thoughts about the yeasts we are using and we actually got a lot more of those last night with the Winters End and the Fat Friar. People were noting a spiciness and other flavors being put off by the yeasts in the two beers. The ultimate compliment happened towards the end of the evening though. We kicked the keg of Winters End. Of all the things that could be said about our beer I don’t think there is anything better than people going back to it so often that we actually run out. Now we are trying to figure out how quickly we can get it back into the rotation to be brewed again.

So thank you again to everyone who came out. Your feedback and support in our brewing escapades are invaluable to us. We can’t wait to share what’s coming up next. If you are reading this and haven’t been to a tap party yet we would love to have you. Just hit us up and we’ll get you on the list.

Tentative date for next party: Cinco de Mayo weekend
Tentative brews: Dark Vienna Lager, Vanilla Cream Ale, Jalapeño Pale and possibly a Pulque

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