Cinco de Mayo

Written by Justin on May 4, 2011

Months ago we decided that we wanted to make a nice dark lager to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with (we do our beer planning based of parties). So in the dead of winter we brewed up a dark lager and let it go through the lagering process. It was almost painful how slow the process was as it went through fermentation. Slowly lowering the temperature as it got ever closer to finishing. Finally a few weeks ago we moved it to keg and put it on CO2 to force carb it.

I tasted it a couple of times through this whole process and was fairly unimpressed by the results. I even made an extra beer to replace this one at our Cinco de Mayo tap party just in case it didn’t turn out. A few days before the party I tasted it one last time to decide whether we would be pouring it at the party or not. The result surprised me and we decide it definitely needed to be on tap.

The beer comes across as a nice light beer despite the dark color. We added just a touch of Carafa for the color so it really didn’t add much of a roasty flavor. Instead it’s just a clean slightly malty lager style beer. It’s got medium light carbonation and is actually surprisingly clear.  It’s got a bit of a malty nose and it just refreshing to drink. We served it the other night at our Cinco de Mayo tap party and it was perfect match for the hot weather.

Overall I’m really happy with our first lager and look forward to doing another at some point.

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