Written by Justin on May 28, 2011

Nightfall gets its name from the nightfall variety of blackberries. To be honest I don’t know if the blackberries that went into our beer are actually Nightfalls or not, but the beer ended up a cool purple color, it was a great name and the blackberries came from Oregon where they grow Nightfalls so I just went with it.

Last summer we made our first fruited beer. It was an extract wheat with Apricot “flavoring”. It was ok, but nothing to write home about. Since then we’ve gone all-in on all-grain and are no longer interested in “flavorings”. So for this summer we made an all-grain wheat (it actually mashed great) and added Oregon Blackberries to it for flavor. What we got was a bit of a trip.

The beer is a cloudy purple color. The cloudiness coming from the unfiltered wheat beer, and the purple obviously from the blackberries which stain everything that purple color whether you like it or not. When you pour a glass its a little off-putting at first because it’s just not a color you normally associate with a beer. On the nose you get blackberry, no question about it.

Flavor wise I find it almost closer to an adult soda then a beer. There is a real fruity element to the taste followed by a bit of the tartness of the blackberries. I’m not at all saying it’s not good, I actually rather like it, but it again it falls outside that threshold of what you expect from a beer.

Overall if we make it again I think I’ll cut the blackberry in half to bring more of a beer flavor into it, but having a purple beer on tap will be pretty fun.

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