Winema Wit

Written by Justin on June 14, 2011

Pelican Brewery Winema WitOne of Pelican Brewery’s mainstay brews is their Winema Wit. It’s a Belgian style wit beer spiced with Orange Peel, Coriander and Cardamom. My first impression of it was fairly neutral but I knew Eryn would enjoy it so I picked up a bottle. After being up here in the Pacific Northwest for the last week I’ve got to say it’s actually a great northwest brew.

In California by June I’m starting to look for crisper beers that match the temperature but up here it’s a damn fine day if it reaches 75° (which it did yesterday). Today started off with showers and went back and forth through the day never breaking the 65° mark. So when I got back from an awesome hike at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge (check it out if you are up here) I opened up the bottle and served it. It’s perfect. The bit of spice from the coriander and cardamom along with the Belgian yeast make this a nice warm accent to a cool northwest summers day.

On the nose of the beer the orange peel really shines through for me but the flavor is very Belgian forward with the spices backing it up. It’s a great light warmer for those showery Pacific Northwest days. It would actually go great with some BBQ oysters which reminds me I should go warm up the grill.

Before I do that though what’s the girl from the northwest have to say about it? “I like it, kind of fruity.”

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