Amarillo Pale Ale

Written by Justin on September 4, 2011

Hot on the heels of Eryn winning an award for the Citra Pale Ale I decided to keep going with the single hop concept. This time instead of Citra hops I used Amarillo hops for the aromatic and for dry hopping. Amarillos are a private hop that have been developed by Virgil Gamache Farms in Washington. What I’m not sure is whether this development was intentional or an accidental mutation but the resulting product is amazing. Generally Amarillo hops are considered an aromatic hop and used as such.

For our Amarillo Pale Ale I used them exactly as intended. They were tossed into the boil with just a little bit of time left to go and then added to secondary for a nice bit of dry hopping. The rest of the beer was made exactly like the Citra Pale.

I kegged up the beer and let it condition for a couple of weeks. I placed it into the keggerator earlier this week and once it had cooled off I tapped the keg. When I pulled back on the handle to release the first bit from the keg the smell came gushing out, huge bright citrus notes that I could make out even while my glass was still under the tap. The flavor of the Amarillos hit me hard when I first took a sip and I found myself almost bracing for a big bitter finish but instead it mellows to a citrus finish with just a hint of bitter that lingers in your mouth encouraging another sip.

We are both very excited about Amarillo hops now. Next experiment is going to be another 10 gallon batch and mix aromatics half Citra, half Amarillo, dry hop them seperately then blend. Can’t wait to taste that one.

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