Dogfish Head Profiled on Bloomberg

Written by Justin on September 16, 2011

I can’t actually embed the video on this website, so first head over to Bloomberg’s site to check it out: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Profiled – Video – Bloomberg.

Now, Dogfish Head is still one of my favorite breweries out there not because their beers are always the best, though they often are, but because they challenge the status quo of what you think about beer. The Bloomberg spotlight does a great job highlighting many of those challenges. From the specialty ingredients to just being off centered, Dogfish has grown into a huge brewery by being true to their values and their product.

The other part that I love about the Dogfish story is how it is a great representation of the American Dream. The business started because of one guy who believed he was just crazy enough to make a business out of a passion. From his homebrew beginnings to a multimillion dollar business Sam is a perfect example of how grit, determination, belief and a little bit of luck can carry you a long way.

If you haven’t had a Dogfish Head beer before it’s the perfect season to head down to Whole Foods and pick up a four pack of Punkin Ale. Sam one his first award as a homebrewer with an early version of this beer and I think it’s one of the better beers they make.

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