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Written by Justin on September 20, 2011

This post has been a few months in the making, not literally hanging out in the cue (though I do have a few of those), but instead an internal debate that I’ve had with myself. Then a couple weeks ago I read a post on another blog about homebrewers not being open to sharing there recipes (I can’t find the post right now otherwise I would link to it). He encouraged brewers to open up and share, something we were not doing. The more I thought about it I recognized that I use open source software, I believe in the open source philosophy and yet I’m very protective of what we’ve come up with in our home brewery. Homebrewing should be all about collaboration and experimentation.  I spend a good amount of time on forums like but  I haven’t been willing to share the recipes we’ve come up with which definitely contradicts that open source philosophy.

This morning we received a comment from Donny Bahama asking very politely if we would be willing to post our Dave’s Coco Brown recipe. Eryn and I spent a good part of the morning in a lively conversation debating the merits of keeping our recipes proprietary versus sharing them. Ultimately we came to the conclusion that if we want to help create community and make friends in the homebrew scene we needed to let go of our protective nature and open up.

Starting today when we post about our homebrews we are also going to include a recipe pdf and a beerxml file. At the bottom of our homebrew posts you’ll find a meta box that includes a few quick stats and the file downloads. We will also be updating older posts to include the recipes as we get to it but if you have one you want please just comment on it so we can prioritize it.

So that’s it, we want to be a part of the open source brewing community. We want to share specifically what we are doing with you and we want your feedback on it. If you download one of our beers and make it please let us know! If you tweak one of our recipes let us know what you did and how it came out. We look forward to great conversations, recommendations and alterations from you. Here’s to brewing!

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