GABF Day 2 – Caution Brewing & Denver Beer Co

Written by Justin on October 18, 2011

If today were to have a subtitle it would read something like the day of the nano. We took an easy morning and headed out to Jelly, a great little breakfast joint, for a late breakfast. Afterwards we took a decent drive out to Caution: Brewing Co. Caution is a production facility on the outskirts of Denver who had opened their doors for tours of their small, but impressive, facility. When we got there we were excitedly greeted by Danny who is the brewer/owner along with his wife Betty. He gave us the grand tour of the two room operation including the mash and kettle system that they picked up used from Odell.

It was really a very simple setup but impressive at the same time. Right now they are brewing three different beers the Lao Wang Lager, the Honey Matrimony Brown Ale, and a Wild Blonde Ale all of which were available for sample. Jeremy, the official pourer for the day gave us a sample of the Lao Wang which is a great mix of asian spices in a cool refreshing lager. It taste perfect for pairing with asian foods which I believe is what it was brewed for. Next up was the Wild Rice Blonde, a slightly sweet blonde ale brewed with 8% wild rice. The taste was pretty reminiscent of Rogue Ales Morimoto Soba Ale, even though that’s made with Soba and this was made with rice. Finally their last beer was the Matrimony Brown Ale. It was a nice roasty ale with a slightly sweet taste and a nice lingering roast finish. It was never really bitter or tannic, just a nice amount of roast. We were informed that it had 20lbs of local honey per batch but it wasn’t something that was easily distinguished in the flavor.

Overall Caution was a great stop. The people were all super friendly and they are making some great beers. I look forward to seeing how they progress in the production model versus these many other tasting room breweries.

After Caution we took the nice drive back in to Denver and headed over to Denver Beer Co, another new small brewery in Denver. Located in a nice neighborhood Denver Beer Co has a great location. Roll up glass doors line the street side of the building and open onto patio seating. The seating inside is spacious and there is a huge bar to work your way up to and order some beers.

We looked at the tap board and decided to try to order a flight of samples, our go to when we’ve never been somewhere before. The bartender informed us that flights were sold in groups of three, either the top three or the bottom three. No problem we’ll do both. The response was that you can only order one flight per person. We sat there puzzled for a moment and then said yeah, we’ll do a top flight and a lower flight, at this point it somehow now made sense to the bartender and he proceeded to get our beers. After sorting out the beer (he also mixed up the order) we sampled through the selection. My favorite beer they made was the Peachy Saison. The yeast imparted a nice Saison flavor with a medium dry taste and a nice lingering peach aftertaste. The two other beers that stood out at Denver Beer Company were the In Da Hood Hop Swap which was in a single word dank, and the Hibiscus Wheat which as a nice bready, yeasty wheat ale with high carbonation and just a hint of hibiscus essence. I don’t think they actually used any real hibiscus in the beer because there was no color change but it was still a good wheat beer.

Denver Beer Company was a great place to hang out but we still had more places to get to so we closed out our tab and moved on.

(Day will continue on post GABF Day 2.5)

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