Broken Barrel

Written by Justin on November 6, 2011

Double Barrel Ale is one of my favorite beers out there. The malt complexity, the subtle hops and the oak round out an amazing beer so I was really excited to find a clone recipe on Homebrew Talk (link) and quickly set out to make it.

After picking up a six-pack and reviewing the recipe we set out to brew it. The brew day suffered no complications and we nailed all of our numbers. Fermentation went well and I pitched the oak chips into secondary for about a week. When we kegged it there was a very strong oak aroma and flavor but as it went through the natural carbonation process and then chilled the flavor backed down to a great level.

The beer pours a little cloudy with a big rich head that hangs on for quite a while. On the nose the beer gives some rich medium roast aromas with a bit of oak sweetness. The flavor is a great malt forward beer with just a bit of hops for bittering and a big long oak finish. It has nice small bubble carbonation from the natural carbonating and gets even better as it warms up just a bit.

I really look forward to making this again to tweak with little elements but it is an amazing beer.

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