Eryn’s Punk’in Pie 2011

Written by Eryn on November 6, 2011

The leaves are finally turning some color here and the temperature has dropped. It is turning to fall again and I am starting to crave those seasonal items. One of my favorites it pumpkin beers. I went to Whole Foods last week for their beer sale and picked up a few of the pumpkin beers they had. I know what some of you are thinking, why buy beer when we brew so much? Research! That’s right, I needed some comparable beers to taste along side this years batch of my pumpkin ale.

The line up included Dogfishhead Punkin Ale (this is what got me stared last year), Buffalo Bills Pumpkin Ale, and some Ace pumpkin cider for fun. Sam has his recipe down! Refined flavors, nice balance. Sorry Buffalo Bill, the over carbonation, thin body, and artificial taste did nothing for me. The cider was surprisingly good, and a nice change. Okay, I am going to brag here, my pumpkin beer is really starting to take great shape! The spice profile still needs a bit of refining but it’s better than last years. It has a great malt profile. It categorizes as an amber ale base but on the lighter end. I think I’ll be adding a bit of CaraPils to the batch next year, for a little more head retention. My fermentation temperature was higher than I would have liked, and a bit of Irish moss would help with clarity. All tweaks I plan on making for next fall! In the mean time I can be content on the progress of this recipe. Happy fall, cheers!

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