Ruby Brown

Written by Justin on November 6, 2011

Last time we made the Coco Brown we decided take one of our 5 gallon carboys skip the coconut and instead to add raspberries to secondary. We’ve had a few nice raspberry ales and we wanted to see how something else would go with our brown base. The finished beer is that same great brown with its debittered malts and smooth character except with a huge raspberry flavor. We only added 8oz of raspberries to 5 gallons of beer and we got a very strong flavor. If you like fruit beers or love raspberries this is the beer for you. For me it’s a little to strong to be a nice sipping ale but it goes absolutely great with chocolate as a dessert beer.

Next time we will back off on the raspberries so that more of the brown beer comes through but this first attempt was fun and we’ll just need to keep a stock of rich chocolate in the bar until we kick this keg.

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