Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery

Written by Justin on November 8, 2011

Tucked in a great little semi-industrial park on the north side of Santa Cruz is Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery. Intermixed with a couple of winery neighbors it’s got a great little bar and patio seating that saw a lot of people coming and going during my short stop off. After reading through the tap board I found out that all the beers they make are all organic and some even utilized locally grown hops.

I ordered the sampler as I’d never been here before and like always picked a few of my favorites. The Wilder Wheat is a great German style yeast with a warm flavor that borders on sweet but never actually arrives. It’s a solid wheat in a much more European style. The amber is also a great classic example. Copper color with a nice malty flavor. The brown is a big malty ale with very smooth roasted malts. The best of the day is hands down the fresh hop pale. Big huge citrus with very little bitter. It’s made with homegrown cascade hops, catapults and lots of caramel malts. It’s exceptional with lots of thy wet hop character.

Everything is quite good and sessionable with only the IPA being the high exception at 7%. I love finding these great little session spots and really hope to make it back to to Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery soon!

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