Wake Up Call

Written by Justin on November 6, 2011

Read about brewing on the post Pumpkin & Coffee Brew Day

We made our first version of Wake Up Call last fall and the beer was hammered by way to much coffee flavor. It’s easy when you are first starting out to go completely overboard when you are trying to capture flavors you want. Now that we have a bit more experience and can generally work in more subtle flavors we decided to give this another try.

The revised recipe has 100% Kona Coffee from Lehualani Farm. Kona coffee is renowned for its low acidity but rich flavor which was exactly what we wanted to add to the porter. We also tossed in 1/3 of a Madagascar vanilla bean to round out the edge of the coffee and give the beer an easy to drink taste.

On the nose the beer has a mellow coffee aroma with just a bit of vanilla mixed in, it almost smells like something from Starbucks. The flavor is a smooth combination of roasted malts, rich coffee and subtle vanilla. The carbonation is light allowing for the rich character to build  and it finishes with a white russian flavor that lingers gracefully on your palette.

We were both very excited with how this beer came out this batch and look forward to refining it just a bit more next time.

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