Healdsburg Beer Company

Written by Justin on December 16, 2011

Even before we started brewing we had come across the elusive Healdsburg Beer Company beer at a local restaurant and had wondered who it was and where it was being produced. A few months later the first half of that question was answered when we met Kevin McGee, proprietor and brewmaster of Healdsburg Beer Company, at Beer in the Plaza, a tasting and fundraiser held here in Healdsburg (also the only event Healdsburg Beer Company pours at).

As we started to brew and immerse ourselves in the local beer scene we would go check out breweries and do tastings yet Healdsburg Beer Company’s operation remained elusive. While I was in Denver at the Great American Beer Fest (sporting a Healdsburg Beer Co shirt) I got the invite to come out to an upcoming brew session, check out the operation and do a short interview. Kevin would be brewing the Brown & Sexy with Tej, otherwise known as Mr Healdsburg. I packed up my kit, travelled all the way across town and had a great day shooting, brewing, and learning about Healdsburg Beer Company. Check it out.

Healdsburg Beer Company is on the web at:

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