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Written by Justin on April 20, 2012

Fermentation is a point in our brewing process where we’ve always had a bottleneck. We’ve been using 5 and 6 gallon glass fermenters since we jumped to 5 gallon batches but have always been looking for something more.  This past fall MoreBeer had a very quick sale on Speidel Plastic Fermenters. I happened to catch the sale thanks to Homebrew Finds and because of the price jumped on making the purchase. After I made the purchase several concerns ran through my head; it’s plastic, there were no reviews, how well does it seal? I figured it was worth the cost to experiment with it but I really hoped it wouldn’t be a dud.

Now several fermentations later I can happily report back that the Speidel is great. My concerns have amounted to nothing and the benefits are huge. I purchased the 60L version because it would be able to hold our 10+ gallon batches no problem. Now instead of separating our batches into two carboys we can ferment the whole batch in the Speidel. It’s also very light compared to glass carboys. It’s easy to move around when empty. The pour spout on the bottom has also been great, we can take samples whenever we want easily to check gravity. This has allowed us to keep better track of how our fermentation is going. Finally, the whole top of the fermenter comes off allowing you to easily add dry hops or other crazy additions like strawberries or coconut (we put all additions in hop sacks so we can pull them back out). Being able to pull the whole top off also makes cleaning much easier. We can spray and wipe it down without having to use stiff brushes, reducing the chances of scratches.

My only complaint about the Speidel is that the spigot usually lines up with the top of my trub so the first bit of beer we pull off has a little yeast in it. That being said I’m already signed up with MoreBeer to be notified when the next batch of Speidels come in so I can pick up at least one more. Overall I’m really happy with the Speidel and look forward to continued use until it’s replaced by a stainless conical.


I originally wrote this post over a year ago and I just wanted to note that the Spiedels are doing awesome. We picked up a second 60L to use for our primary beers and a 30L for some of our experimental batches. The only problem that we’ve had so far is the large O-ring on the lid of the first fermenter split. We super glued it back together and so far it has been fine. I still highly recommend the Spiedels.

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  1. Jim Peterson

    I’ve got two of the generic 6 gallon buckets that I got from E.C. Kraus in their basic winemaking kit, and I use them mostly for secondary fermentations simply because they have the spigots at the bottom. Most of the time I’ll get a little trub in the first bottle, but after that it’s clear sailing!

    PBW to clean and Star San to sanitize is the best combination I’ve found for plastic.

  2. [...] last few months and I'm really surprised at the results. I posted a full review on our website at: ... homebrewtalk.com/f11/speidel-plastic-fermenter-322992/#post4016156

    1. Torkel

      Tnx for the post. Do you know if the speidel is god for fermenting for a long period like 6 months or more? I want to make a fruitbeer that need long fermenting/bacteriagrowth.



      1. Justin

        I don’t see why not. I wouldn’t brew anything nonsour in it afterwards though.


  3. Michael Lough

    I recently got a 30L Speidel tank from Morebeer and also ordered a bottling wand and tubing from them but the tubing doesnt fit the spigot.
    I am not where the equipment is at the moment but I am wondering if anyone knows the correct size of tubing for the spigot or what size the spigot is I am guessing its a metric size but what is sold in the US to fit this spigot? Morebeer told me to heat up the tubing in hot water Tried that, no cigar.

    thanks for any help!


  4. Ralph Hernandez

    I just got two of the 30 Gal Speidels from Morebeer, have my first batch of Crystal Honey Lager in one now! Nice to be able to brew in quantity 😉 The spout is the only drawback I’ve noticed so far. They should have made it a half inch barb. (It appears to be a metric dimension) I’ll modify the spout cap so I can attach my pump to it to move the beer from one fermentor to another and to the kegs. You won’t be lifting these often with a full batch in them.


  5. Andy

    Anyone have concerns/issues with the 60L gasket, or the lid not sealing properly? First time user of the 60L, racked a double IPA with a 2nd generation yeast. See krausen on the side, but airlock isn’t moving. Room smells like fermentation is cranking away at 16 hours.

    Concerned about CO2 loss not going from the airlock. Undid the belt, pressed down once again on the lid, no movement so it seemed sealed the first time, and re-tightened belt.


    1. Justin

      We had one of the o-rings on a 60L split. We ended up supergluing it back together and it’s worked fine since. Could be something like that.


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