A Fresh Start

Written by Justin on January 15, 2013
Our new detached garage/brewery.

A few months ago we hosted our last party on Powell Avenue, painted the red wall back to white and packed up all of our gear. It was sad to shut down our little brewery, it’s where our passion for beer began, where we hosted our tap parties and where we had created so many memories that are so important to us. The worst part of it was that we didn’t know when we would brew again. As we packed the glasses, coasters and awards we both wondered aloud when and where they would get unpacked. We had been working on buying a home for a few months and though we had a solid offer in on a place we didn’t know if it would actually come together.

Digging a trench for electric and water.

After a couple of rocky months in limbo the house finally closed and we started moving in. One of the things we loved about the house was the detached garage on the back of the property that was stripped down to the studs. To Eryn and I it was a blank palette ready for us to paint. We mapped out our plan, in several phases, put together a team and got to work. The first weekend we ran new electrical in the walls setting up multiple circuits to support our current and potential future electric brewery plans. We tore down an old fence that sectioned off the backyard and put up a new gate. We put in new lighting for brewing and for parties. We installed insulation in the walls and put up wall board. Over the next few weeks we dug a ridiculous trench to bring new electric and water to the garage. In recent weeks we insulated the garage door, put up trim and have begun putting up the bar. Everything that was boxed up has now been unpacked and readied for the weekend when we can finally brew again.

We really can’t wait to get a few brew sessions down so that we can get some beer in kegs and have folks over. The garage sits in an awesome backyard that will be perfect for entertaining. We plan on hosting our first party some time this spring and look forward to many years to tap parties, movie nights, friends, family and beer. That pain we felt taping up those boxes has turned to joy as we unpack them again. Thank you everyone for your support over this last few months, we look forward to seeing you here soon!


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