Festa Autunno

Written by Justin on October 22, 2013

This past weekend we hosted our first ever beer paired dinner, the Festa Autunno. When we purchased our home almost a year ago one of the first events we thought of doing was a harvest feast and after the bumper crop from our garden we decided we had to make the dinner a reality. After brewing up a great selection of beers we focused in on what kind of food we wanted to serve, it didn’t take us long to decide that a family style italian dinner was the way we wanted to go. The menu was planned, invites went out and before we knew it the festa was upon us.

I will readily admit that it was a ton of work to get everything together but every ounce of effort was paid back with an absolutely amazing evening with family and friends. Eryn and I would bring out each course and a pitcher of the paired beer. After a quick introduction to the beer and the course everyone would pass the serving dishes around, dig in and enjoy. It was great to hear comments about how well the beers paired with each course, especially how well the roasty black IPA went with the roasted chicken cacciatore and how the bourbon barrel stout offset the Wake Up Call Tiramissu. I’ve attached the whole menu under the photos if you would like to check it out.

We are already have some great beers and menus planned out for our next dinner. Keep an eye out for a late spring announcement.


Festa Autunno Menu


House-made pickled carrots, green tomatoes, and beets and pickled dilly beans. Wine inspired salami. Tomato and boccacini skewers with basil.

Beer Pairing: Blonde Wino- a fruit forward harvest ale with a blonde ale base and a second ferment with Gewürztraminer-Muscat fresh pressed juice from Dry Creek. Maybe too easy to drink.



Heirloom tomato soup with house-made creme fraiche and Sweetmeat risotto

Beer Pairing- Sonoma Pale- a floral pale ale brewed with cascade and Citra hops and dry hopped with Citra for nice grapefruit notes.



Roasted cacciatore with local organic chicken over creamy polenta

Beer Pairing: Mazama Cascadian Dark Ale- a roasted ale with strong hop flavor and a balanced malt character.



Preserved eggplant with olives, capers and parsley

Beer Pairing: No Blokes Brown Ale- a southern English brown ale, malty with toasted carmel and stone fruit notes. 2nd place in the porter/brown category Queen of Beer 2013!



Tiramissu made with Wake Up Call coffee porter

Beer Pairing: BAS- Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is a big sweet complex ale with dominant bourbon flavor, roasted base malts, robust and warming, drinks like a port


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