Ruhstaller Hop Harvest

Written by Justin on January 20, 2014

A few months ago Eryn and I had the opportunity to drive out to the Sacramento Valley in the predawn darkness to meet up with JE the owner and agricultural champion behind the Ruhstaller brand. We had previously met JE in Santa Rosa at a pouring event for Ruhstaller where he spent a good amount of time walking us through his “terroir” like approach to selecting and using hops for the Ruhstaller brand. He also excitedly told us about the hop yard he had planted and how those hops were going to eventually make their way into a beer. We kept in touch and when harvest rolled around I received an email from JE asking if we wanted to come out to join his crew picking the hops. This was obviously an opportunity not to be missed and so we made the drive out and had an incredible experience.

JE and Ruhstaller are trying to change the way breweries and craft beer enthusiasts think about beer starting with the hops. Head out into the hop yard as we all harvest this years cascade hops and learn about how Ruhstaller approaches growing their beer.

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