Justin & ErynPowell Avenue Brew is our fun little homebrew operation that started in 2010 and it quickly become an obsession. We started with a couple of kits and now we are creating our own all grain recipes. We brew because we love the art of it and love sharing the final product with friends. Stylistically we are into balanced beers that lean slightly to the maltier side. We brew beer that we are interested in and have used ingredients like Chardonnay juice, butternut squash and madagascar vanilla beans.

First Brew Kit
My first 1 gallon brew kit

Our start was a strange one when for Christmas in 2010, unbeknownst to all of us, three beer kits were exchanged as gifts.  I gave Eryn (my wife) one, my brother Kory gave me one, and Kory also received one.  Kory made his first batch of beer, enjoyed it and started to plan a trip to South America.  Eryn and I on the other hand made each of our first batches, bought ingredients for seconds, and haven’t stopped since.

Eryn capping our first batch of beer.

We’ve moved from Brooklyn Brew and Mr Beer kits to a self constructed all grain system, a fermentation box and even a four keg keggerator for serving our beers.  Our blog is intended as a way for us to document and share our adventures in making and enjoying beer.  It’s also a great way for you to join us.  We hope you enjoy the blog but more importantly we hope you can come join us for a pint.  Cheers!