Eryn’s Punk’in Pie 2011

The leaves are finally turning some color here and the temperature has dropped. It is turning to fall again and I am starting to crave those seasonal items. One of my favorites it pumpkin beers. I went to Whole Foods last week for their beer sale and picked up a few of the pumpkin beers they had. I know what some of you are thinking, why buy beer when we brew so much? Research! That’s right, I needed some comparable beers to taste along side this years batch of my pumpkin ale.

Soft Pretzels

The last two Tap Parties we have hosted we have served our tasty brews and what better to go with them than soft pretzels.  We found this great recipe on and have modified it slightly to be used in the bread machine.  Why spend hours kneading and punching down dough when the bread machine […]

A Coffee Porter Craze

The only thing better than beer is beer and coffee combined!  This year on my birthday I decided that I should do what I wanted to, after all its MY birthday, right?  So what did I want to do?  That’s right….. make beer!  Justin and I invited over his parents, Chelsea and Kory and we […]

Maple Porter

The Maple Porter is one of our Christmas beers.  It is inspired by something that I alway hated growing up, maple Santa.  Sorry mom, those pure maple sugar Santa that you put in our stockings, they were gross.  But now I have turned that Christmas memory into something far better, a beer brewed with maple […]

Backgammon and Blonde

If you are going to have a bar then you have to enjoy it! I sit here in the bar drinking a Blonde ale from 3 Creeks Brewing in Sisters, Oregon, while my dad and brother are beating each other up, at backgammon that is. The competition looks pretty good between them. After a few […]

Eryn’s Punkin Pie Ale

When fall started coming on this year I got into trying some seasonal ales.  The best one I found was Dogfish Head Punkin Ale.  As you have seen in Justin’s post we have become fans of Dogfish Head for many reasons, this time was absolutely about the beer.  I liked it so much I thought, […]

Ginger Beer

This beer is a beer for ginger lovers!  If you like old fashion ginger soda, then you’ll love this beer.  When I had convinced my parents to come for Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to make sure I had a special beer for my mom.  As I was looking through brew talk recipes I found […]

Eggnog Stout

Tonight was the start of the Christmas beers! What reminds you more of Christmas than sitting around a fire sipping that yummy eggnog? Sipping eggnog beer! Yes, that is correct my friends, I am making an eggnog stout beer. I sit here in the bar typing away on the iPad as I wait for the […]