Sonoma Pale Ale

Our Sonoma Pale Ale is a floral pale ale brewed with cascade and Citra hops and dry hopped with Citra hops. When we created the Sonoma Pale we were looking for a great easy drinking pale that matched the easy going culture of the area. The final outcome was exactly what we were looking for. With a light amber color, a floral citrusy aroma and a great citrus hop flavor and finish. The beer is easy going down with just a touch of bitter at the end that makes you want to lift your glass again to take another sip.

No Blokes Brown Ale

No Blokes is an homage to the great English style brown ales from the old world. With a prune like fruitiness, lots of rich carmel and just a bit of English bitterness. The final product is a beer you can sip a single glass of or enjoy all afternoon.