Northwest Travels

Eryn and I are taking a little break from our homebrewing and tap parties for the next couple of weeks to head up to the Pacific Northwest for some family vacations and of course to taste some beer. The plan is for me and my dad to roadtrip up the Oregon and Washington coast, around […]

Brewing for Summer

This spring’s weather has got me more then a little confused as to what I’m supposed to be brewing. There were a couple amazing heat spells pushing the temperature into the mid 90’s followed by the most snow I’ve ever seen on the hills around wine country (about 2-6 inches).  As a small brewer you […]

March Tap Party

Last night we had our March Tap Party, and like usual it was a blast. Our Tap Parties are something we are trying to do once a month but it seems to keep falling out to every other month. They are however always a great time and last night was no exception. We had the […]

President Obama the home brewer

Ok I know it’s not just me that loves the fact that our president is into homebrew. Now I’m not sure if he’s is actually up to his elbows in the mash or not, but the fact that his chefs are refining their home brew recipe, which rumor is may be available online soon, and […]

What happened?

I was doing pretty good getting posts up regularly, and I’ve even got a few to post but everything came to a halt a couple of weeks ago. Well I’m not going to tell you its a good reason, hell it’s not even a good excuse, but Hawaii happened.  Ever since I’ve been on island […]

Celebrating the Bear Republics 15th

A couple nights ago the Bear Republic celebrated their 15th year in business here in Healdsburg.  The brewpub is now a fixture of downtown  Healdsburg and an amazing respite for those who are finishing a long day of wine tasting or those who just want a great craft beer. I was 15 when the Bear […]

103 gallons later…

So how do you know when a casual hobby becomes an obsession?  Last year Eryn and I brewed 103 gallons of fermentable beverage.  I can’t say beer because, as some of you know, we made a kickin cider as well.  All in all we made 29 batches.  We jumped from Eryn’s Mr Beer Kit and […]

Hello beer world!

So this is the perfunctory post that WordPress automatically generates for you when you create your new blog.  Most often it just gets deleted but I figured maybe this time I would leave it up.  I also figured that maybe I would add just a bit of background on why we are writing this blog […]