Dogfish Head Profiled on Bloomberg

I can’t actually embed the video on this website, so first head over to Bloomberg’s site to check it out: Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Profiled – Video – Bloomberg. Now, Dogfish Head is still one of my favorite breweries out there not because their beers are always the best, though they often are, but because they […]

Sonoma Beerocrats Picnic

Last night Lagunitas Brewing Company opened up their employee lounge and beer garden for the Sonoma Beerocrats annual picnic. Eryn and I headed down with a couple of homebrews and hoping to have a good time. We had a great time! The folks at Lagunitas were happy to share the amazing beers they are crafting and hanging up in the lounge was a blast. After tasting through a few of the beers on tap we headed down to the beer garden for the BBQ and to taste a few things other people brought. We ended up befriending a group of folks who were out from New Zealand and tasting through a few beers they brought with them. Afternoon quickly turned to night and the picnic came to a close way to quickly. When you combine great beers, new friends and a whole lot of fun you really can’t go wrong. Do we have a date set for next year yet?

Oregon Coast Breweries

June was a total whirlwind and one of the side effects was I’m just now getting around to blogging about some of my Northwest adventures. At the beginning of the month I got the opportunity to go for a little road trip with my dad up Highway 101 along the Oregon coast, up around the […]

Celebrating the Bear Republics 15th

A couple nights ago the Bear Republic celebrated their 15th year in business here in Healdsburg.  The brewpub is now a fixture of downtown  Healdsburg and an amazing respite for those who are finishing a long day of wine tasting or those who just want a great craft beer. I was 15 when the Bear […]