Eryn’s Punk’in Pie 2011

The leaves are finally turning some color here and the temperature has dropped. It is turning to fall again and I am starting to crave those seasonal items. One of my favorites it pumpkin beers. I went to Whole Foods last week for their beer sale and picked up a few of the pumpkin beers they had. I know what some of you are thinking, why buy beer when we brew so much? Research! That’s right, I needed some comparable beers to taste along side this years batch of my pumpkin ale.

Pumpkin & Coffee Brew Day

On our last double brew day I came to the conclusion that when you do a double batch the biggest question is do you want to see the sun rise or set as you are brewing. For this session we decided that sunrise was the preferred time of day. So at 6:30 I was out […]

Open Source Brewing

This post has been a few months in the making, not literally hanging out in the cue (though I do have a few of those), but instead an internal debate that I’ve had with myself. Then a couple weeks ago I read a post on another blog about homebrewers not being open to sharing there […]

Touch of Summer

As a kid I used to love cream soda, especially Henry Weinhards’ Vanilla Cream. Pepsi wasn’t my thing, 7up was ok, Root beer was good but there was nothing better than a cream soda. There was something about the combination of the vanilla taste and the tickle of the carbonation on my tongue that bested anything else.

Amarillo Pale Ale

Hot on the heels of Eryn winning an award for the Citra Pale Ale I decided to keep going with the single hop concept. This time instead of Citra hops I used Amarillo hops for the aromatic and for dry hopping. Amarillos are a private hop that have been developed by Virgil Gamache Farms in Washington. What I’m not sure is whether this development was intentional or an accidental mutation but the resulting product is amazing. Generally Amarillo hops are considered an aromatic hop and used as such.

Sassy Blonde

A couple of weeks ago I was about to make another batch of Kolsch when I got the funny idea to maybe try something a bit different, or actually something a lot different. Maybe it was a trip to the beach, a walk down on the plaza or the recent concert I went to but […]

Dave’s Coco Brown

A good friend of mine, Dave, who comes and plays poker every week kept asking when we were going to make a coconut beer. Ironically we had been kicking around the same idea for quite a while. I’ve always really liked Maui’s Coconut Porter and on this day in particular Dave had also brought over Kona’s coconut brown to help make his case. It was great and it sealed the deal for us, now we just had to decide what goes into a great brown ale.

Nevada County Fair

This year we decided that we were going to start submitting our beers to competition. We’ve had a lot of fun making them and we’ve gotten some great feedback from friends and family about them but we decided we would really like some feedback from folks who have a deep understanding of what beer styles […]


For Cinco de Mayo this year we were looking for something a little different to serve alongside our flight of beers. Discovered what we were looking for in an old Mexican drink called Pulque. Pulque seems to be having a bit of a revival right now, not that I’ve ever seen it for purchase anywhere, […]


Nightfall gets its name from the nightfall variety of blackberries. To be honest I don’t know if the blackberries that went into our beer are actually Nightfalls or not, but the beer ended up a cool purple color, it was a great name and the blackberries came from Oregon where they grow Nightfalls so I […]