Festa Autunno

This past weekend we hosted our first ever beer paired dinner, the Festa Autunno. When we purchased our home almost a year ago one of the first events we thought of doing was a harvest feast and after the bumper crop from our garden we decided we had to make the dinner a reality. After […]

Soft Pretzels

The last two Tap Parties we have hosted we have served our tasty brews and what better to go with them than soft pretzels.  We found this great recipe on allrecipies.com and have modified it slightly to be used in the bread machine.  Why spend hours kneading and punching down dough when the bread machine […]

Beer for breakfast? Absolutely.

We’ve all heard someone utter something about a beer for breakfast before.  It usually follows a long night out as a quick way to ease a bit of the hangover blues, but for us it’s not about hangovers.  Beer is made up of four important ingredients, water, grain, yeast and hops.  If you drop the […]