Ruhstaller Hop Harvest

Ruhstaller is trying to change the way breweries and craft beer enthusiasts think about beer starting with the hops. Join JE as he and his team head out into the hop yard to harvest this years Cascade Hops and learn about how Ruhstaller approaches growing their beer.

Coffee Roasting

Recently our brewing escapades have moved beyond the malt, hops, water, yeast category and ventured into new grounds. One of the most recent projects that Eryn has undertaken is roasting her own coffee beans and creating her own blends. Eryn found directions on some website somewhere on how to use an old popcorn maker to roast green coffee beans. She’s been playing with it for a couple months and though I don’t personally drink coffee those who do seem to enjoy her newest endeavor. So for Christmas she and a friend of ours Amber, roasted up several pounds of coffee to give away as gifts. While they worked I shot a quick video of the popcorn coffee roasting.

Renegade Brewing Company

Renegade Brewing Company is an upstart brewery in Denver, Colorado. Brian O’Connell, proprietor and head brewer, took a few minutes out of his busy day to tell me about his brewery, his beers and the Renegade community he is building. If you are ever in Denver make sure you stop by to check out the […]

Healdsburg Beer Company

Even before we started brewing we had come across the elusive Healdsburg Beer Company beer at a local restaurant and had wondered who it was and where it was being produced. A few months later the first half of that question was answered when we met Kevin McGee, proprietor and brewmaster of Healdsburg Beer Company, at Beer in the Plaza, a tasting and fundraiser held here in Healdsburg (also the only event Healdsburg Beer Company pours at).

60 Shilling Brew Session

After watching watching BrewingTV’s interview with Kristen England I became very interested in brewing a 60 Shiling Ale. I love session beers and haven’t made many Scottish style ales so after reading up on them for a couple of days I put together a recipe and set out to make it. The video is a montage of my brew day and my new kick ass brew system.

Stout Session

Just a quick little video of a recent brew session on our old system. All shot and edited on an iPhone.

Iron Springs-Beltane Pro-Am Beer

Iron Springs Brewery head brewer Christian Kazakoff teamed up with Sonoma Beerocrats President Alan Atha to brew Alan’s Luminesce for the Great American Beer Festivals Pro-Am competition. Luminesce is an award winning classic Belgian Trippel. I got to spend the day with them recording the brew session and getting a behind the scenes look at how they brew at Iron Springs Brewery. The beer was released a couple of weeks ago so if you want to try it head down to Iron Springs Brewery and check it out.

Sonoma Beerocrats – Iron Brewer

The Sonoma Beerocrats Iron Brewer competition took place at Cahill Winery in Sebastopol on January 16th, 2011. This is a short montage of the event. Music: Loud Pipes by Ratatat

Celebration Ale Brew Day

We had a couple friends come up last weekend and join us for a brew day.  It was a great opportunity for me to step back and shoot some video of the process.  Thanks Em & Fred, it was a great time!  Look forward to trying the brew.

Carmel Amber Ale Fermenting

Just a quick video update on the Carmel Amber Ale that hit the fermbox last night.  Eryn’s doing a full writeup on the brew coming soon.