The Blonde Wino

Well we finally got to tap the one and only keg of Blonde Wino we will have this year, and in a single weekend we almost kicked it as well. This brew has been a total experiment from the beginning and I’ve got to say I’ve loved it the whole way through. What started as […]

Blonde Wino Update

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the 5 gallons of chardonnay that I got from a friend of mine.  Well last night I finally racked the beer into a keg to carbonate.  I also thieved out a little bit to measure the final gravity of the beer and to taste what it was like. […]

5 gallons of Chardonnay Juice

So what would you do if 5 gallons of Chardonnay juice showed up in your brewpad? That was the question we were faced with a couple weeks ago.  I was talking to a friend of mine whose family have some vineyards down here about wine and beer and somehow we got to talking about a […]