Dave’s Coco Brown

A good friend of mine, Dave, who comes and plays poker every week kept asking when we were going to make a coconut beer. Ironically we had been kicking around the same idea for quite a while. I’ve always really liked Maui’s Coconut Porter and on this day in particular Dave had also brought over Kona’s coconut brown to help make his case. It was great and it sealed the deal for us, now we just had to decide what goes into a great brown ale.

Maple Porter

The Maple Porter is one of our Christmas beers.  It is inspired by something that I alway hated growing up, maple Santa.  Sorry mom, those pure maple sugar Santa that you put in our stockings, they were gross.  But now I have turned that Christmas memory into something far better, a beer brewed with maple […]

Oatmeal ESB

When we first started brewing we each started with a different brand of brew kits. Eryn started with a basic Mr. Beer kit, I started with a 1 gallon Brooklyn Brew all-grain kit. We fell in love with brewing and started doing a few 5 gallon DME kits. Had I never gotten a Brooklyn brew […]