Cheers to our Friends

Our regular tap parties have quickly become one of my favorite parts of brewing beer. One year ago we hosted our inaugural tap party a couple weeks after our first kegging. I stressed over how they would be received and whether anyone would enjoy the craft we had embarked on learning. People did enjoy the beers and after a while I relaxed and began to enjoy the company. Fast forward a year and now we stockpile a few of our newest and best beers to put on tap for our parties. I feel much more confident in what we are making and instead of stressing about what people would think of the beers I am now enjoying our company and at this last party I had a bit of a revelation.

4th of July Tap Party

Thanks to everyone who came out to our 4th of July tap party. We had a great time with you all and love sharing our latest brews. We came just short of kicking both the Nightfall Blackberry Wheat Ale and Eryn’s Citra Pale Ale. Our next tap party will be the last week of August […]

March Tap Party

Last night we had our March Tap Party, and like usual it was a blast. Our Tap Parties are something we are trying to do once a month but it seems to keep falling out to every other month. They are however always a great time and last night was no exception. We had the […]