Eryn’s Punk’in Pie 2011

The leaves are finally turning some color here and the temperature has dropped. It is turning to fall again and I am starting to crave those seasonal items. One of my favorites it pumpkin beers. I went to Whole Foods last week for their beer sale and picked up a few of the pumpkin beers they had. I know what some of you are thinking, why buy beer when we brew so much? Research! That’s right, I needed some comparable beers to taste along side this years batch of my pumpkin ale.

Victory Baltic Porter

Tonight was a brew night and no brew night is complete without some suds.  This evenings brew of choice was Victory’s Baltic Thunder.  I popped it open and poured a glass.  A small head formed as I poured but quickly dispersed leaving the medium dark beer waiting in the glass.  On my first taste I […]